To use the policyholder loan to borrow money from life insurance? What is the interest rate and repayment?

To use the policyholder loan to borrow money from life insurance? What is the interest rate and repayment?
How to borrow money from a life insurance company and loan system for contractors currently subscribed to.
Interest reveals that 6% up compared to bank loans average interest rate 14% with a degree, quite reasonable.
Is that anyone can use if to join to the contract of loan, life insurance is not.
Detail about the way we borrow the money from a life insurance company and its merits and demerits, go! What is a contract of loan?
(1) system contractor loans borrowed some of the “accounts receivable” from the insurance company and that surrender benefits you have now from the insurance companies under contract you are paying ever (kaiyaku kin hennrei) that the system can borrow.
Said to come back at your fingertips when cancelled before maturity you have subscribed and accounts receivable insurance reserve fund.
Who are hard up for money that temporarily very low rates compared to the contract of loan system, loans, so joined the life insurance is recommended.
Example: it is not borrowed temporarily leave does not cancel the insurance money back if you cancel the contract of loan interest rate is about 4 percent, to include maximum interest rate 18%.
Of course, if you pay and accounts receivable is reduced.
Contract of loan is “do not want cancellation of the insurance money is necessary, but…” said is the perfect service to those.
(2) the amount borrowed is money borrowed in a loan contract by approximately 70% to 90% in “accounts receivable” is 70% to 90% of the accounts receivable paid so far.
This number varies by company.
Example: amount borrowed 90% if the Sony life vary significantly by the type of insurance and monthly premiums, so say “this much”.
Exceeded 10 million yen from zero, really is different.
It is recommended because it can immediately check if you hang the phone to life insurance companies that are members or representatives, consult first of all.
→ Note (5) insured each insurance company contact list (3) “borrowings” is not available!
When a life insurance contract, chose “borrowings” or “reserve” (savings) type.
Using the contract of loan accounts receivable rarely occur this time choosing “borrowings” and so it is difficult.プロミス 周南