Public fund repayment plans is useless! Shinsei Bank is in danger? [Caching encyclopedia]

Shinsei Bank is the pinch! And return public funds mean?
To lag behind in positioning without mega-banks, regional banks and the same bank that is pursuing its own business model, we demonstrate the raison d’etre and the injected public funds to major banks.
Resona holdings, Inc. (HD) and blue sky banks pay off public funds and repaid ahead of schedule in the Shinsei Bank was only not standing will pay off.
This is because public fund preferred shares issued to the Government as a reason, have been converted into common. And due to the revised money lending business law a public fund injection after Shinsei Bank consumer financial companies such as consumer credit the consumer credit firm Aplus Lake and shinki acquired mainly to have recorded heavy losses, interest on refund of overpayment claims
It is that desperate for repayment of public funds.
Shinsei Bank challenge! If we give profitability?
Shinsei Bank’s challenge is to enhance profitability, piling up reserves makes possible a high stock at the same time to be repaying? Also, need to increase Shinsei Bank’s core business is in the consumer finance business in advertising and promotional spending, such as more money becomes necessary, so a lower profit margin in the business of corporate but there is not?
The State also seems to have put power in domestic and foreign investment and expanding business investment is declining, further diminishing income is.
It is not profitable to finance solar power and overseas infrastructure investment, but still contributed to the profit gain.
It recovered from the Shinsei Bank how to do that under the traction of the new President, whether it be evaluated in the market and build a unique business model that it depends.
Shinsei Bank aiming at its own route to refinancing if you pay attention!
Shinsei Bank, different banks and regional banks.
Aiming for her own style is a challenge.
Individuals over money, investment, mortgage, credit cards, such as broad financial products and services offers made.
But probably not extend these partnerships is not enough so.
Just spread out wide will generate income and not the connection properly is ridiculous.
I have become a State there was also talk of the merger Shinsei Bank and Aozora Bank, break, and more headed to the brink.
We turn around, you need more business customers looking to incorporate and enhance the convenience of users.プロミス 盛岡