The elderly mainly damage secondary! Identity theft to watch out! [Caching encyclopedia]

Pass card, tell your PIN! And identity theft scam?
In recent years prevalent mainly elderly “identity fraud”.
Fraud accomplice and identity fraud, identity theft, family and acquaintances, police officers, city officials, bankers, had a PIN on the phone, passed herself off as a bank clerk receives the cash cards at home, they pulled out the deposits that it is.
Sophisticated scams like this became known to the public was also a “scammer” that is theft.
Takers cash cards police and bank employees, city officials and asked the PIN that is absolutely so if will no doubt suspect fraud when you asked me for the password.
Also in LINE recently, spoofing celebrities, more young people are using identity theft scams are becoming increasingly popular. To avoid being victimized? If you damage what to do? To avoid being victimized by such, impatient, not add to, rather than rush to the conclusion by himself
First of all to consult family members and police, can make and keep the cash card by the police and financial institutions to come listen to the PIN and it’s fake and should is what you need to know, including identity fraud. And to set the correct password as the damage prevention is crucial and the obvious personal information such as birthdays, addresses, phone numbers and the words and the same number, and the number (for example,
Such as 1111 or 1234) Please do not use as a password.
Also be altering the password on a regular basis as the best way to protect you.
Change your password if the supposed damage Bank consultation into the damaged contact, consult with police.
When I thought it strange because it expands the damage if you do even a little early response and police consult immediately.
Back and forth to pick up the cards at home, ask your PIN on the phone scam so beware!
Not after the fraud problem.
Is a series of questionable calls, with claims to be family members, police officers and financial institutions such as.
Note the sophistication of modus operandi and trust in you alone, not by more than one person will contact several times, when people make money enough.
Because potentially fraudulent phone calls to a police officer and financial institutions, can request the card or bank account and PIN to elicit and visitors was not as absolute.プロミス 我孫子