Those unscrupulous sellers on caution and featured consumer finance espresso

Scam and tried various money deposited on the pretext of “loans” have you heard anyone leading consumer finance and financial institutions with a similar name with “loans” to “lend” fraud is occurring across the country.
Not many cases were ripped off and they suffered a fraud actually lend money is not returned, forced to suffer in silence almost.
Therefore, it is important know scam for rent before the damage or how to measure.
We will introduce the scam lends the modus operandi on those and other details.
First introduction to “money for rent” see the loans at low interest rates”” high amount of financeable in person for the first time!
“You will be sent email, direct mail, flyers, etc.
Do not take such communication from their consumer finance. conduct of course correct.
So, feel encouraged when, such as is common to decide at this point that fraudsters, scam operators are really hard up for money or just spending to cope when there are no mentally what it is.
To call the phone number listed in ordinary consumer to review.
Much of the day, we will proceed to the next step in contents such as “successfully passed examination” or contact until the next day.
Registration fee or can be borrowed at attended the screening and for traditional consumer loans, but money-lending fraud prompts temporary insurance money transfer.
Of course usually never like that.
For example “as the registration fee please transfer 50000 Yen” contents, such as “the refund money is temporary as the insurance I pay 100000 yen and ready to make”.
And transfer these suddenly out of reach, is not often, to suffer in silence.
You should keep the following points to prevent from the risk of fraud for anti fraud for rent for rent.
Email or direct mail Let’s ignore ignore suddenly sent an email and direct mail at home, flyers.
You may here contact us and deceived the good cowboy mouth.
Most famous consumer finance and bank name and very similar names are written so, group companies and tend to misunderstand.
Keep note of any of them.プロミス 大阪旭区